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The Influences – Thomas Long

I grew up in a small Southern California town located in the San Jacinto Valley, eighty miles from Los Angeles. The Soboba indian reservation is located here and it provided my first exposure to an indigenous culture. Later I would travel to Guatemala and numerous times to Mexico where Mayan and Aztec historical sites were a part of those travels. In recent years I’ve explored the American Southwest with its ancient cliff dwellings and historic pueblo ruins.

These travels inspired my interest in the artwork of indigenous people and created an enormous inventory of images that help facilitate a fairly effortless creative process in the development of my sculpture.

The sculpture of Thomas Long

You know, it’s captivating…

It’s never been important to me to label myself as a wood worker or an artist or a designer. I realized one time that I could build anything I designed so, it’s just opened up the field of possibilities. You know, it’s captivating.  Right now I’m in these sculpture pieces which lends themselves to application of some of the different mediums I’ve messed around in – from jewelry-making to ceramics to drawing and these really give me a range of options to enhance a piece with particular detail. I’ve always realized, like I said, that I could build anything that I designed so there’s no limitation to what I might get myself involved in. I like the process and I like seeing the results at the end.


Prior to his more recent sculptural work, Thomas Long developed his craft in the design and construction of fine furniture. His aesthetic encompasses a range of styles and his meticulous execution reflects an appreciation for the potential of the exotic and unusual materials he combines in each piece.

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“…it unfolds and you problem solve and you get the results and when it’s done I like ’em”

Thomas Long

“Wow, this is a multitude of cultures all rolled into one.”

Overheard commentary

“I think that part of doing these is the exploration of new ideas, new material, new influences.”

Thomas Long