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Project Description

Inspired by a traveling show from the British Museum

This Mummy Goddess really represents a shift in the progression of each of these pieces. A major inspiration was a show at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana of a collection of Mummies from the British Museum in London. Several of the mummies had placards where the face would be and these would have an image of the person that had been mummified painted on to that. I thought I would explore the option of having the face exposed. The piece is my first experience at carving a somewhat anatomically correct face.

This piece has silver leaf on the arms where they are carved, gold leaf on the face and a lot of stains and alcohol-based aniline dyes. The dye is mixed with shellac and brushed over the gold. Because it’s translucent you get this very unusual, unique look. I think that part of doing these is the exploration of new ideas, new materials, new influences.

Mummy Goddess detail
Mummy Goddess detail
The Shaman explained by Thomas Long