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Thomas Long: An artist and his creations

Tom’s Clan is a short documentary that captures the creative process of California sculptor Thomas Long. In the film Long details the myth and his motivation for sculpting an exotic clan of multi-cultural characters. A precise craftsman of fine furniture, Thomas Long’s sculptural work is uniquely his own. Crafted in wood and finished in gold, silver and copper leaf, the sculptures take on a rich and intriguing appearance reminiscent of ritual art created by ancient cultures. Long attributes his influences to years of travel throughout the American southwest, Mexico and Central America. Never sold or exhibited publicly, the 40 year collection of work reflects the character of an artist focused upon refining his craft outside the bounds of commercial necessity. The undercurrent to the documentary finds Tom working out of a classic live/work warehouse space in a tourist town bent on erasing all remnants of funk. During the filming, Tom found himself priced out of his home and studio. Will he continue assembling his tribe or let it be subsumed by the forces of gentrification?

View scenes from Tom’s Clan

Tom’s Clan was produced by Good Eye Films and directed by Jeff McLoughlin. Completed in the fall of 2017, the film is currently in review for inclusion in several film festivals. It will become available trough online VOD, video-on-demand outlets  in 2018.